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RFP Questions For Travel Management Services

RFP toolkit for your business travel programme

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Posted: 22 September 2021Updated: 16 May 2024

The way businesses approach a request for proposal (RFP) has changed. Travel data and reporting methods have helped to simplify and streamline the RFP process.

As a corporate travel manager, you can optimise your company’s travel data to share relevant information during the RFP process. Knowing the necessary questions to ask will also help you manage the initiation process.

This travel RFP template includes over 65 questions to ask your travel stakeholders. The evaluation criteria have been reviewed by American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT), corporate travel professionals with experience in the Travel industry.

To prepare for your next RFP process, use our exclusive RFP template to focus on the important areas.

  • Focus your RFP on the questions relevant to your top goals.
  • Get clear explanations from potential travel management companies (TMCs).
    • What do their travel management services include? Do they have a clear implementation plan?
    • Do they offer an online booking tool? What does their mobile app include?
    • What does their duty of care coverage look like? What kind of support is available outside business hours?
    • What type of real-time travel and expense data is available for reporting?
    • Do they have high customer satisfaction? Is there a clear point of contact for issues and general account management?
    • How will the TMC help to negotiate the best rates from providers? (77% of procurement travel leaders say negotiations favour suppliers. So, you need to be sure your TMC can help you negotiate a preferential corporate rate.)
  • Gather relevant information to support your questions.
    • What kind of pricing do you need to see cost savings?
    • How are cancellations, unused tickets and refunds handled?
    • What is the number of employees who engage in domestic or international travel?
    • What are your common travel arrangements and travel requirements?

Unlock all 65 questions in 10 areas of corporate travel management. Download the RFP template today to better meet the goals of your corporate travel programme.

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